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Convocatoria de resúmenes

Abstract Submission Forum Neural Therapy 2019

Habrá tradcucción simultánea inglés – espanol en todas las ponencias.

Mail to:

Please indicate in subject line: Oral presentation, Workshop or Poster

Neural Therapy, NT and Acupuncture, Neuromodular trigger (Interference fields), Matrix, NT and Lasertherapy,  NT and Orthomolecular Medicine, Mesotherapy, NT and Manuel Medicine, NT and Gynaecology, PRP – additional therapeutic possibilities, Nutritional supplements.

.May 2019 for ORAL/Workshop – Submission in English language only.

Please indicate if your presentation will be in English or Spanish language. Please note that there is a limit for Spanish presentations according to the simultaneous translation only in the Main Hall.

31.August 2019 for POSTER – Submission in English language only.

Oral Submission
Please note that the submission will be accepted after your registration till 27. May 2019.

Time of Presentation: 10 – 15 min. (Please take into consideration the time for discussions.)

All submissions will be reviewed by the scientific committee and acceptance is based on a competitive scoring system. Notifications of acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be sent to the corresponding author by 13. June 2019. A notification will be sent by email.

For accepted speakers 40 % refund of the registration fee will be granted.

The Scientific Committee will select the presentations on:

  • Content
  • Speakers qualifications and experience
  • Significance and originality
  • Solutions of treatments
  • Case studies

Title (max. 150 characters)
Presenting Author (title, academic title)
Family name, First name(s)
Contributing authors (family name, first name, academic title, affiliation)

Abstract (max. 1.500 characters)

Scientific abstract:
Contribution of the applicant to the work presented
Funding (financial support that was received for the presented project)
Conflicts of interest (financial and non-financial)
Biographical note (max. 150 characters)

POSTER Submission:
Posters will be exhibited throughout the congress in a designated part of the community area in order to promote the communication in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, chaired poster sessions with three minute presentations per poster will be held.

The Science Award for the most outstanding scientific contribution will be honoured with 800,- Euro.